About Our Site

This site is basically my aunt Vi LeForce’s book posted online.  I’ve edited some.  I’ve added some – like my mom’s side, my half brothers’ sides & my only child’s side.  And I’ve posted it all online.

This is a site/blog.  There are web pages & there are blog posts.  I’ve set up the navigation menu to be like titles in a book – contents, preface, sections & sources.  Content & preface are pages.  Sections & sources are drop down menus showing links to several more pages.

The blog section of this site is broken down into categories including LaForce/LeForce/LeFors, in-laws, bios, famous relatives, obits, pioneer stories & more.  There’s one category for family puzzlers.  There’s another one for my questions.  If you can help solve any puzzlers or answer any questions – please do so via the commenting feature.

I recommend copying/pasting any pages & posts that apply to you & yours into a word doc.  Then you can edit, add to it & tidy up a bit before printing & binding.  When you’re ready to print you could use some place like FedEx Office for the job.  You wouldn’t even have to move the file to a disc & take it somewhere.  You could upload the file & they could print, bind & ship your book to you.