Joe LeFors

Well I’ll be John Brown.  Somebody did a Wikipedia Entry on him.  Check it out here.

Of course whoever it is sure has him under a microscope & he’s not coming out of it very well.  He/she makes it seem like Joe never did anything right except frame an innocent man.  Of course he/she’s got 4 notes/further reading/sources all linked to the same website…  Maybe Tom’s still got relatives out to prove his innocence even after all these years?  It would be a much better article if people would stick to the facts & leave their assumptions/opinions out of it.

The facts are Joe was one of around 21 some-odd kids (holy cow!).  Even if they’d been wealthy & all those kids survived to adulthood & had to pay for their own burials…21 kids would’ve put a strain on things.  But no…21 kids did not see adulthood.   I believe at least one that did see adulthood was then killed by Indians.

Then on top of this they tended to move around a bit.  Back in the day when you moved you went on a several weeks or months long camping trip.  Plus evidently along the way I think dad dropped some kids off to be educated…then had to go back & get ’em.  Little chunks of education here & there is not much of an education.

He was a farmer/ranch hand turned lawman.  And he lived & worked in places that weren’t exactly populated & civilized.  To volunteer was to beg to be shot & killed.  In fact his brother Thomas “Newton” LeFors, another lawman, was shot & killed.  So to say he was incompetent…well like I said it would be a much better article if people would stick to the facts & leave their assumptions/opinions out of it.


5 thoughts on “Joe LeFors

  1. I quite liked your comments on Joe LeFors. I have a copy of Joes Autobiography and I agree people should stick to the facts. A bunch of do gooders in Denver in 1993 retried Tom Horn and found him not guilty. One of the ones responsible was an author named Chip Carlson who had just written a book call Tom Horn Killing is my specialty. As I talked to him on the phone he stated that although he had been convinced at Tom Horns innocence as written in his book he now was not so sure that joe wasn’t right and true. It was apparent that the ………… was just trying to sell me a book.
    By the way I run across your work all the time in Find A Grave. I for one am thankful to you for this important work Thank you,
    Dave LeFors

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