About Me

My name’s Dawn LeForce.  I was born in 1968 at Tulsa OK to William Harold LeForce & Mary Frances Jones.  They’re both deceased now so you’ll be able to find them in our tree.  I have 2 older 1/2 brothers (different dads), a younger full brother & one child.  I also have 4 nephews, 3 nieces & 7 great nephews & nieces.

When I was about 4 we left OK for MN.  We came home once a year for a week during the holidays & spent them with my mom’s side of the family.  So I didn’t really get to know mom’s side very well.  I didn’t get to know dad’s side at all.  Dad’s mom died long before I was born.  His dad died when I was around 5.  I remember seeing my paternal grandpa 3 times – & the 3rd time was during his funeral.  I barely remember meeting most of dad’s 11 sibs.  This is why I say if you have any questions about LaForce/LeForce/LeFors’ take them to the Facebook family group because I simply can’t answer them.

When I was about 13 my parents divorced.  When I was about 15 my mom remarried.  Then we left MN for TX.  We also left my oldest 1/2 brother in MN.  So I didn’t really get to know his 3 children & I have yet to meet any of his grandchildren.

I went to high school & a community college in TX.  I started truly working in TX.  My only child was born in TX.  Then when she was about 2 we who left MN for TX went home to OK.

I’ve tried almost everything to earn a buck.  But I’ve also dealt with health problems – first my child’s then my own – for her entire life.  It’s been for her entire life because all we can seem to find are greedy & corrupt quacks who’d rather keep people sick & coming in regularly then cure them so they can have a life.  She lost babysitters.  She missed a bit of school.  I lost jobs.  And contrary to popular belief – when you’re poor there’s nothing you can do about any of it.  So on top of working & dealing with health problems I’ve also been both going to school & teaching myself stuff at home in the hopes of some day owning my own biz & buying my own health insurance.

I’d been interested in genealogy all along.  Then when my only child was born someone gave her a “my family” book.  And I did my best to fill it out for her.  I got info from my maternal granny.  I got info from my mom.  I got a whole book from a paternal aunt.  And I got info from my child’s paternal granny.  After the sudden death of my mom I shoved what info & pics I had online so the next generation could have access to it.

Over the last 9+ years since my mom’s death I’ve finished raising my only child.  I’ve started a couple of home biz’s & still concentrate on one of them.  I’ve got a few sites & groups I’ve either created &/or simply manage.  As a result of working on genealogy – now I’m a Find A Grave volunteer.  Plus I also like to write.

Thanks for reading this.  And I hope to meet you in one or more of our family groups. 🙂