The Cué’s

When my child was an infant I asked her granny a bunch of questions & wrote down the answers.  This is what I’ve got.

I think Dr. Pedro Cué was the son of Victoriano & his wife Maria T. Mendez.  They were evidently poor then Victoriano died leaving Maria with around 14 kids to deal with.  There was a daughter in between Dr. Pedro & either an older or younger brother.  She was a sickly girl & the family couldn’t afford the meds to fix her.  It was then Dr. Pedro & his brother both decided to be doctors.  And they both were.

They was too poor for school so the way they educated themselves was by offering to tutor others…& in this way they could share their books.  They both took tests & were doctors.  Dr. Pedro was a heart specialist & used to write papers.

That was grandpa’s side.  Now for grandma’s.

Talk about total opposites.  I believe grandma’s mom…Maria Galbis Ajuria…was the daughter of wealthy people from Spain.  Her dad was an
architect & I’ve heard something he created is still standing in a cemetery in Havana, Cuba?  So great grandma was wealthy then she married great grandpa…Julio Ortiz Casanova.  He was a judge.  He was the youngest district attorney they had.  Then he was the youngest supreme court judge they had.

These 2 wealthy people married & were very wealthy.  With the birth of their 2nd daughter Ana, great grandma died.  Julio married again…a Ms. Josefina Carral (sp?).  These 2 raised 2 little girls.  I’ve heard their house had a library with stained glass windows.  I also heard they had a marble staircase with I believe iron railings?  When these 2 girls got older they were sent to America for an education.  So they could both speak English before they moved here for good.  Grandma Cué said her dad would send them with a bottle or 2 of scotch.  She’d still be drinking scotch in her 90’s if people would just let her.

Ana married first…an architect just like her grandpa.  My kid’s granny was a teacher.  She met Dr. Cué when she was in her 30’s & he in his 40’s.  She was an absolutely gorgeous bride.  Eventually the architect built basically a duplex so the sisters & their families could be neighbors.  The Divino’s had 4 children.  The Cué’s had 5.

About the time my kid’s father came along they thought it time to leave Cuba.  But Julio was too old to travel & couldn’t be left alone…somebody had to stay behind.  It was supposed to be my kid’s granny…but since she’d just had a baby her sister let her go & stayed behind instead.

Poor sister Ana.  She sent her husband & kids on ahead thinking she’d be along shortly.  Well she ended up getting stuck in Cuba for around 20 years.  She missed seeing her children grow up.  She missed seeing them get married.  She missed seeing them have children.  She may have even missed her daughter’s funeral?  I think she was here before 1996?  Then she buried her husband in 1999.

On the Cué side they’ve lost Dr. Cué & 2 daughters – first Julia then Maria.  “Grandma” is in her 90’s & recently broke a foot so she’s recovering.  She’s pretty cute…& I’ve always thought so.


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