How You Can Help

So you’ve joined one of our family groups.  Rather then tell me things I already know or sit there not saying a word please read this first.

Genealogy isn’t all about history & old dead people.  It’s about living people too.  And it’s HELL researching info about living people.  Indeed, unless you live in TX, MN, Cali & maybe a couple of other states it’s pretty much impossible.  We need more living people joining our groups & we need them dragging in their entire family.  Then we can get info straight from the horse’s mouth.  And that’s the best way to get it.

Our groups need to be much bigger & people need to be using them.  Because then we need a family association to collect dues/subscriptions & donations to help pay for things.

A few have complained because my sites are currently spread out all over – tree here, site/blog here & groups over here.  That’s not including all the find a grave memorials.  Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about it ’til we get a family association.  We need a URL, hosting, software & someone to deal with it all.

Then there’s researching history & old dead people – both online & also in the real world.  Even if I could afford subscription sites, I don’t know that one would be ancestry.  Because I think much of the things found at ancestry can also be found at family for free.  I would get a subscription to fold3 & maybe some kind of newspaper archive.

A lot of what we need won’t be found online – not even on the old dead people.  I suppose I should name the various types of records so you know what we’re talking about.  When whites first came here all they had were ship records, church records, family bible records, land records, court records & maybe military records.  Some had headstones but not many because you had to special order them from another country & have them shipped over making them even more expensive then usual.  Over time they added birth certificates & announcements, marriage licenses & announcements, census’, social security numbers & death certificates & obits.  I suppose we can include degrees & awards & perhaps even titles like President of the US or Gov. of the state or Justice of the Peace.  Am I missing any records?

In the beginning most records were hand-written & there was no such thing as a printer or copying machine.  Unless they’d invented & used carbon paper then there were no copies.  If anything happened to the buildings housing the records then adios records.

So now who all houses all these records?  If you can tell us exactly who houses exactly what please do.  Otherwise…we’re either going to have to go there in person & dig or, if we no longer live where our ancestors once did, we’re going to have to pay somebody who does live there to do this for us.

We need to pay several people to add your branch to our tree &, if you don’t want to deal with it yourself, add your dead to find a grave.

Finally we have several family cemeteries that have been abandoned & neglected that could use some work.  Several relatives have broken/trashed stones.  At least one relative was cremated & has been sitting in a cemetery’s storage unit ever since.

Currently we have a tree, this site/blog, hundreds of find a grave memorials & a few facebook groups.  The links to them are posted multiple places.  All these sites have a search feature.  Please search/view/read before giving me info I’ve already got or asking me a question I’ve already answered or don’t know the answer to.

If you want to share – your branch, stories, recipe’s, docs, pdf files, images, videos, etc. – please join one or more groups & post it online where the whole family has free access to it.  Equally, if you have a question please join one or more groups & post it online.  In this way anybody who knows the answer can answer it.  And once answered it not only helps you but also anybody else with the same question.

Otherwise, how can you help?  Under “sections” there’s several pages for several families.  Wherever you can help me fix unknown info please do so (via a family group).  On the blog section of this site we have a category for family puzzlers & family questions.  If you can help with either one please do so by using the commenting feature.  And if you know where your dead are buried or if they’ve been cremated or something like that please add them to find a grave & link them to parents & spouse(s) if possible.  If you have a clear readable pic of their stone please post it.  If not – please request one.