About Find A Grave

When I first stumbled across Find A Grave I loved it.  Over 5 years later I almost hate it.  It’s because I’ve spent most of these 5 years cleaning up the messes of others.  FAG needs to decide who they’re for – cemetery census takers or families memorializing their loved ones.  They also need to make reading the FAQ’s a requirement rather then an option.  Instead they sold out to Ancestry because Ancestry has the staff to handle all their emails.  It’s still up to we unpaid volunteers to clean up the messes of others via suggesting a correction, sending emails to FAG & posting in their forum.  So I’ve decided to quit this unpaid job.

The last cemetery I did is a perfect example of why I quit.  I spent a few days in this cemetery photographing every stone I could find including several hidden under layers of dirt I had to dig up & clean off so I could read/photograph them.  Then I get back home to realize mainly 3 people have made a mess of the virtual cemetery.  We’ve got duplicates.  We’ve got screwed up or misspelled names.  We got names typed in all caps which is against the rules.  One lady also included military titles which we’re not supposed to do unless they died in a war or were lifelong military people.  I suggested corrections only to go ignored as usual.  I can’t tell you how long it took me to write an email to FAG/Ancestry.  Then they reply with they only accept 3 duplicates per email.