About Our Tree


I’m currently using Tribal Pages to host our family tree. It’s free online software via a free host. As such, the features are limited to non-existent. This is even more-so now. When I first created it you could add an unlimited amount of people. Now the limit is 500 people. I’ve since created trees for a couple of friends & reached 500 people in no time.

Since everything’s so limited the only things I post in our tree are stats (name, birth day, birth location, etc.).  For the most part, the only thing I post in the notes section are links to find a grave memorials if I’ve added them or found them.

You don’t have to be a member of Tribal Pages to view our tree.  You also don’t have to be a member of our tree to view the deceased.  You simply have to use the search feature.  To do so, you type in last name first, comma, & first name.   One to several names should pop up.  Click on one to view the person.  Normally you should see their parents above them, any spouse(s) near them & any children below them.  Click on names, which are also links, to view more info about individuals.

Note 1: All women are posted under their maiden names.

Note 2: I’m in the process of switching all La Force’s to LaForce.  If you don’t find it one way – try it the other.

Remember – what you see is what you get.  Whatever I have or know is either at our tree, at this site (WordPress) or at one of the Facebook family groups.  If it’s not posted at one of these sites – then I don’t know.

If you’re immediate family that I’ve at least met & want added to this tree let me know.  If you’re a distant stranger please don’t attempt to join our tree.  Allowing strangers in our tree would null & void out the “hide living people” feature.  So I don’t allow strangers in our tree.

Also please don’t use our tree to send me messages.  Our family’s simply too huge for me to talk to people individually via email, PM or IM.  If you want to share or have questions join one or more of our Facebook family groups. 🙂