Peggs Oklahoma

My cousin was living in Peggs, OK & some kids & grandkids still live there.  I lived with them for a while therefore I lived there too.  I’ve found every cemetery I could find, including some out in the middle of no-where, to post on Find A Grave.  Some of our LeForce relatives are buried in a nearby cemetery.  Evidently some distant in-laws were too.

There were several in a row & they all said died 5/2/1920.  But not only this family…several families said died 5/2/1920.  What’s up with that?  Well on 5/2/1920 a tornado wiped most of Peggs OK completely off the map.

It killed at least 50 people – many of them entire families as previously stated.  It killed the only doctor in town.  I think of these they only recovered 43 bodies?  It injured over 150 people.  And it completely destroyed most of the buildings, homes & farms.

My LeForce’s are distantly related to the Wilkerson family, of which the father, a few children from his first wife who was already deceased & all the children from his second wife including their infant were killed.  His 2nd wife & some of the children from the first wife survived.

To learn more & see a list of the dead & the survivors you can go here:

This site claims 71 were killed.

I’m sure there’s several more sites…these were the first that pop up on Google.


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