Sources – Census


“United States Census, 1930,” Ora B Leforce, Township 03, Craig, Oklahoma

head Ora B Leforce M 27 Oklahoma
wife Alma E Leforce F 28 Oklahoma
daughter Lavurne M Leforce F 9 Oklahoma
daughter Maxine M Leforce F 8 Oklahoma
daughter Margret Leforce F 6 Oklahoma
son Leroy E Leforce M 4 Oklahoma
son Eldon D Leforce M 3 Oklahoma
daughter Leforce F 0 Oklahoma
* father Clarence W Leforce M 50 Kansas

“United States Census, 1940,” O B Leforce, Township 3, Craig, Oklahoma, United States

head O B Leforce M 36 Oklahoma
wife Alma Leforce F 39 Oklahoma
daughter Laverne Leforce F 19 Oklahoma
daughter Margaret Leforce F 16 Oklahoma
son Leroy Leforce M 15 Oklahoma
son Donald Leforce M 12 Oklahoma
daughter Betty Jean Leforce F 10 Oklahoma
daughter Katherine Leforce F 7 Oklahoma
son John Alvin Leforce M 6 Oklahoma
daughter Violet Alma Leforce F 3 Oklahoma
daughter Grace Leforce F 2 Oklahoma

“United States Census, 1900,” John Leforce, ED 13 Township 26 N. Range 18 E, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, United States

head John Leforce M 61 Tennessee
wife Amanda Leforce F 60 Kentucky
*son Clarence Leforce M 22 Kansas
*daughter-in-law Gracie Leforce F 19 Indian Territory

“United States Census, 1920,” J A Leforce, Craig, Oklahoma

self J A Leforce M 60y Kentucky
wife Fannie M Leforce F 57y Oklahoma
dau Flossie Leforce F 26y Oklahoma
son Lowery Leforce M 24y Oklahoma
dau Sarah L Leforce F 22y Oklahoma
son Charles Leforce M 14y Oklahoma
* niece Grace Mona Leforce F 1y1m Oklahoma

“United States Census, 1930,” Sam J Leforce, Vinita, Craig, Oklahoma

head Sam J Leforce M 66 Indiana
wife Sarah Leforce F 64 Oklahoma
* nephew John Leforce M 20 Oklahoma
brother E E Leforce M 59 Missouri

“United States Census, 1870,” John B Leforce in household of John B Leforce, Missouri, United States

John B Leforce M 30y Kentucky
Rachael A Leforce F 27y Kentucky
James A Leforce M 9y Kentucky
Mary C Leforce F 7y Indiana
Sarah N Leforce F 3y Indiana
Raney Leforce M 67y Kentucky

“United States Census, 1880,” John B Leforce, Elm Grove, Labette, Kansas, United States

self John B Leforce M 40 New York, United States
wife Amanda Leforce F 38 Kentucky, United States
daughter Mary E Leforce F 18 Indiana, United States
son John S Leforce M 16 Indiana, United States
daughter Viola Leforce F 13 Indiana, United States
son Erastus Leforce M 9 Indiana, United States
daughter Clara Leforce F 3 Kansas, United States
son Clarence Leforce M 1 Kansas, United States


“United States Census, 1850,” Samuel Cox in household of Samuel Cox, Ohio county, Ohio, Kentucky, United States

Samuel Cox M 60 Kentucky
Sarah Cox F 55 Kentucky
Samuel Cox M 18 Kentucky
Elisabeth Cox F 20 Kentucky
Sinno Cox F 14 Kentucky
Charles Cox M 13 Kentucky
Albert Cox M 9 Kentucky

“United States Census, 1900,” Samuel S Cox, ED 5 Township 27 N. Range 23 E., Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, United States

head Samuel S Cox M 33 Missouri
wife Laura Cox F 32 Missouri
son Frank Cox M 12 Missouri
son Auta Cox M 11 Missouri
daughter Ethel Cox F 6 Missouri
daughter Myrtle Cox F 5 Missouri
son Newman Cox M 3 Missouri


“United States Census, 1870,” Joseph Roark in household of Joseph Roark, Missouri, United States

Joseph Roark M 43y Kentucky
Georgia A Roark F 29y Kentucky
William M Roark M 21y Missouri
Benj J Roark M 19y Missouri
Moses Roark M 17y Missouri
Joseph G Roark M 11y Missouri
John E Roark M 10y Missouri
Sarah L Roark F 8y Missouri
Laura J Roark F 6y Missouri
Mary Roark F 5y Missouri
Charles Roark M 2y Missouri
Minnie Roark F 6m Missouri


“United States Census, 1900,” Beecher Chamberlain, ED 8 Township 27 N. Range 19 E., Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, United States

Head Beecher Chamberlain M 50 Indian Territory
Wife Viola Chamberlain F 34 Indiana
Daughter Unus Chamberlain F 13 Indian Territory
Son William Chamberlain F 17 Indian Territory
Son Roy Chamberlain M 14 Indian Territory
Daughter Abbie Chamberlain F 12 Indian Territory
Son Rastus Chamberlain M 10 Indian Territory
Daughter Mary Chamberlain F 7 Indian Territory
Son Eugene Chamberlain M 6 Indian Territory

“United States Census, 1920,” Beecher Chamberlain, Craig, Oklahoma

SELF Beecher Chamberlain M 69y Oklahoma
WIFE Viola Chamberlain F 54y Missouri
Steve Duncan M 39y Missouri

“United States Census, 1930,” M B Chamberlin, Vinita, Craig, Oklahoma

Head M B Chamberlin M 79 Oklahoma
Wife Vola Chamberlin F 63 Indiana
Granddaughter Marie Legace F 17 Oklahoma
Granddaughter Lorene Legace F 13 Oklahoma


“United States Census, 1930,” James Jones, Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Head James Jones M 30 Arkansas
Wife Zula Jones F 28 Arkansas
Son James F Jones M 9 Arkansas
Son Dewain Jones M 8 Arkansas
Daughter Jaunita Jones F 3 Oklahoma
Daughter Deloris M Jones F 1 Oklahoma
Brother-in-law Elvis Neal M 15 Arkansas


“United States Census, 1910,” Francis Neal, Lower La Fave, Yell, Arkansas

SELF Francis Neal M 34y Arkansas
WIFE Mary Neal F 27y Arkansas
DAU Zula Neal F 7y Arkansas
SON John Neal M 4y Arkansas
DAU Ula Neal F 1y Arkansas

“United States Census, 1920,” Mary Neal, , Yell, Arkansas

SELF Mary Neal F 38y Arkansas
DAU Julia Neal F 17y Arkansas
SON John Neal M 13y Arkansas
DAU Carla Neal F 11y Arkansas
SON Elvis Neal M 5y Arkansas
SON Larnell Neal M 2y Arkansas


“United States Census, 1930,” Clrad Miller, Madison, Washington, Oklahoma

Head Clrad Miller M 30 Kentucky
Wife Elizabeth Miller F 22 Oklahoma
Daughter Mildred Miller F 7 Oklahoma
Son Paul Miller M 3 Oklahoma

“United States Census, 1940,” Claude E Miller, Dawson, Dawson Town, Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Head Claude E Miller M 41 Kentucky
Wife Elizabeth Miller F 32 Oklahoma
Son Paul J Miller M 13 Oklahoma
Son Lynn J Miller M 9 Oklahoma
Daughter Helen E Miller F 7 Oklahoma
Son Jo Bill Miller M 5 Oklahoma
Son Tommy R Miller M 2 Oklahoma
Son Robert W Miller M 0 Oklahoma


“United States Census, 1850,” D Falkner in household of D Falkner, Taney county, Taney, Missouri, United States

D Falkner M 58 Kentucky
S Falkner F 43 Kentucky
A Falkner M 18 Illinois
N Falkner F 17 Arkansas
F Falkner M 15 Illinois
W Falkner M 13 Illinois
J Falkner M 11 Missouri
S Falkner F 9 Missouri
Isaac Falkner M 6 Missouri
D Falkner M 3 Missouri
S Falkner M 3 Missouri

“United States Census, 1870,” Phelix Falkner in household of Phelix Falkner, Arkansas, United States

Phelix Falkner M 32y Illinois
Clemintena Falkner F 25y Missouri
John Tilar Falkner M 5y Kansas
Thomas M Falkner M 2y Arkansas
Mary Allice Falkner F 6m Arkansas

“United States Census, 1880,” Felix G. Faulkner, Eureka Springs, Carroll, Arkansas

SELF Felix G. Faulkner M 42 Illinois, United States
WIFE Clemenontine Faulkner F 35 Missouri, United States
SON John Faulkner M 15 Kansas, United States
SON Thomas M. Faulkner M 12 Arkansas, United States
DAU Mary A. Faulkner F 10 Arkansas, United States
SON Felix G. Faulkner M 6 Arkansas, United States
SON James O. Faulkner M 3 Missouri, United States
MOTH Sarah Faulkner F 70 Kentucky, United States

“United States Census, 1920,” Grundy Faulkner, Tulsa, Oklahoma

SELF Grundy Faulkner M 46y Illinois
WIFE Lizzie Faulkner F 40y Arkansas
SON Joseph Faulkner M 17y Oklahoma
DAU Goldie Faulkner F 15y Oklahoma
SON Felix Faulkner M 13y Oklahoma
DAU Lizzie Faulkner F 12y Oklahoma
DAU Bertha Faulkner F 8y Oklahoma

“United States Census, 1940,” Mildred Miller in household of Elizabeth Faulkner, Dawson, Dawson Town, Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Name: Mildred Miller
Titles & Terms:
Event: Census
Event Year: 1940
Event Place: Dawson, Dawson Town, Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Marital Status: Single
Race (Original): White
Race (Standardized): White
Relationship to Head of Household (Original): Granddaughter
Relationship to Head of Household (Standardized): Granddaughter
Birthplace: Oklahoma
Estimated Birth Year: 1923
Residence in 1935: Same House
Enumeration District Number: 72-9
Family Number: 225
Sheet Number and Letter: 12A
Line Number: 33
NARA Publication Number: T627
NARA Roll Number: 3336
Digital Folder Number: 005454677
Image Number: 00291
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Head Elizabeth Faulkner F 60 Arkansas
Granddaughter Mildred Miller F 17 Oklahoma


“United States Census, 1880,” Thomas Henderson, McLennan, Texas, United States

self Thomas Henderson M 37 Tennessee, United States
wife Margaret Henderson F 35 Indiana, United States
daughter Emma Henderson F 13 Tennessee, United States
son Newton Henderson M 11 Tennessee, United States
daughter Edy Henderson F 9 Tennessee, United States
son Stephen Henderson M 8 Tennessee, United States
son Marten Henderson M 7 Tennessee, United States
son Robert Henderson M 4 Tennessee, United States
son Benjamin Henderson M 1 Texas, United States

“United States Census, 1910,” Newton Henderson, Coal, Oklahoma

self Newton Henderson M 39y Tennessee
wife Nora Henderson F 34y Missouri
son Ed Henderson M 12y Oklahoma
son Roy Henderson M 9y Oklahoma
son Ira Henderson M 5y Oklahoma

“United States Census, 1920,” Gather E Rodgers, Coal, Oklahoma

self Gather E Rodgers M 24y Oklahoma
wife Dessie Rodgers F 22y Tennessee
son Ramon Rodgers M 4y Oklahoma
dau Evara Rodgers F 2y Oklahoma
Ed Hinderson M 23y Oklahoma

“United States Census, 1930,” Ed B Henderson, Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma

head Ed B Henderson M 33 Oklahoma
wife Myrtle B Henderson F 32 Oklahoma
daughter Evaline L Henderson F 8 Oklahoma
daughter Dorthea A Henderson F 7 Oklahoma
son Edgar B Henderson M 5 Oklahoma
daughter Naomi J Henderson F 3 Oklahoma

“United States Census, 1940,” Edgar Henderson, Adams Creek Township, Wagoner, Oklahoma, United States

head Edgar Henderson M 43 Oklahoma
wife Myrtle Henderson F 41 Oklahoma
daughter Evylen Henderson F 19 Oklahoma
daughter Dorthy Henderson F 17 Oklahoma
son Edgar P Henderson M 15 Oklahoma
daughter Naomi Henderson F 13 Oklahoma
son Richard L Henderson M 6 Oklahoma
son Paul R Henderson M 1 Oklahoma


“United States Census, 1850,” John N Davis in household of John N Davis, Montgomery county, Montgomery, Alabama, United States

John N Davis M 48 Georgia
Julia B Davis F 45 South Carolina
Simon Davis M 24 Alabama
Duett C Davis M 23 Alabama
Elizabeth E Davis F 21 Alabama
Thomas J Davis M 20 Alabama
James A Davis M 19 Alabama
John W Davis M 15 Alabama
Nubal J Davis M 11 Alabama
Louisa J Davis F 9 Alabama
Saul C Davis M 7 Alabama
Julia F Davis F 6 Alabama
William L Davis M 2 Alabama

“United States Census, 1910,” Sim Davis, Coal, Oklahoma

self Sim Davis M 46y Texas
wife Emma Davis F 42y Texas
dau Joe Ella Davis F 14y Indian Territory
dau Myrtle Davis F 11y Indian Territory
son Charles Davis M 9y Indian Territory
son Clyde Davis M 7y Indian Territory
dau Sonoma Davis F 4y Indian Territory
dau Gooldina Davis F 1y Oklahoma

“United States Census, 1920,” Simion D Davis, Coal, Oklahoma

self Simion D Davis M 56y Texas
wife Emma E Davis F 52y Texas
dau Mirtle B Davis F 21y Oklahoma
son Charles W Davis M 19y Oklahoma
son Clyde L Davis M 16y Oklahoma
dau Sonoma E Davis F 14y Oklahoma
dau Ora G Davis F 10y Oklahoma
dau Edna D Davis F 6y Oklahoma