Frederick Stump

Acc’d to this site:,_Pennsylvania

“A portion of the site that Middleburg occupies was the location of the Stump’s Run Massacre in January of 1768. Stump’s Run is located to the west of the Glendale Cemetery and is also near the Snyder County Historical Society. In this incident, two colonists named Frederick Stump and John Ironcutter were found to be responsible for the deaths of four Native American men, three Native American women, and three children over a two day period. Four of the men and two of the women were killed at Stump’s cabin, which was located at the mouth of the Middle Creek near Selinsgrove. After Stump and Ironcutter shoved the bodies through a hole in the ice, they traveled up the creek to Stump’s Run to kill the remaining woman and the children. These bodies were thrown into the native cabins, and the cabins burned. Although the men claimed self-defense, it is suspected that this could have been provoked by a drunken brawl, or that the natives were killed by Stump in retaliation for the deaths of his wife and children at the hands of Native American raiders. The two men were arrested and taken to the Cumberland County jail at Carlisle for trial, but were freed at the hands of a sympathetic mob. The men were never recaptured.”

Of all my relatives – this is one I’m ashamed to claim.  And not because he was German either.

So many have called him an “Indian fighter”.  It’s been many a year since I’ve been in a physical fight but I’m still pretty sure fighting = throwing punches.  He was an Indian murderer.  It was not in retaliation because his wife & kids had been killed.  His 1st wife made it all the way to TN with him – her headstone’s been found there.  His 2nd wife – many years younger than he – outlived him.  I know of one son who was killed by Indians…when he was an adult living in TN & because he was out hunting them down.

Self defense?  Murdering people who show up so drunk they’re unable to leave then going to their house & murdering their women & children is self defense?

Well some called him an Indian fighter & others an Indian killer.  I don’t
know why these people are claiming he did it in retaliation for his wife &
kids/family being murdered.  I didn’t think he’d lost a son til after

But acc’d to old books &/or court docs he & his man-servant
killed several people & tried to get rid of the evidence.  He supposedly
confessed Indians showed up either drunk or got drunk after they got there &
wouldn’t leave.  And he thought the best thing to do was kill them all.  Then to
spare himself retaliation he went down the road & killed a few more.  He
went to jail but people broke in & freed him so he took off.  These books
make it seem like he went to VA.  I’m not sure where he went first…I only know
there was a bounty put on his head (wanted dead or alive) so they took off again
& ended up in Nashville, Davidson County, TN.  There’s a Stump’s Run in VA
& a Stump’s Tavern in TN…both named after this same man or this same

His man-servant was not so fortunate.  He hid out then lived like
a hermit so long people either forgot about him or he outlived them.  Acc’d to
one book he was haunted by the Indian he killed til the day his lover died.
Once she joined him they both forgave & moved on to the other side.  The
haunting stopped & he was able to spend his last few years in

Heck of a story…I didn’t even think our elders believed in
ghost.  But I forget about all those people once into seances & such.  Seems
like the 2nd or 3rd Presidents daughter was into them?


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