Lauria Jaylene Bible

Her mom, Lorene (LeForce) Bible, is the daughter of my uncle John LeForce who was the son of my grandpa Ora B. LeForce.

On 12/29/1999 my young cousin once removed Lauria spent the night at her friend Ashley Freeman’s house near Welch in Craig County OK because it was Ashley’s 16th birthday.  On 12/30/1999 someone found the Freeman home ablaze & called 911.  Ashley’s mom, Kathy Freeman, was found dead due to a gunshot wound to the head.  The fire was set to cover up the murder.  Since Ashley’s dad wasn’t immediately found it was assumed he did it & took off with the girls.  On 12/31/1999 my cousin Lorene & her husband Stanley “Jay” Bible found the remains of Danny Freeman, Ashley’s dad.

Mere months before this happened Ashley’s teenage brother, Shane Freeman, was shot & killed by a cop.  It’s rumored the Freeman’s at least threatened if not attempted to sue them.  So some believe the cops murdered them.  It doesn’t help them that in 2017 a new cop found a bunch of records on this case that had been left to rot by the previous cop(s) before him.  But it helped us a great deal.  As of April 2018 someone’s finally been arrested.

After 18 years my cousin’s finally found out that her daughter & her friend walked in on her friend’s parents either in the middle of a drug deal or in the middle of being murdered for owing a drug dealer money & were kidnapped, raped, tortured & strangled then thrown into a pit in Picher.  Unfortunately 2 of their murderers, Warren Philip Welch II & David A. Pennington, died before they could be prosecuted for it.  And the 3rd, Ronnie Dean Busick, currently isn’t talking.

I created memorials for them at Find A Grave & they were deleted.  I un-deleted them & someone has since sponsored them in the hopes I get to keep them.  But I’m adding this here – just in case.


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