I mention Sequoyah because he was a very great grandpa’s cousin therefore kin.  He was the inventor of the Cherokee alphabet.  But he also was a Chief just like my very great grandpa George Lowrey.

It was kind of like the modern day East Coast – West Coast thing.  With every treaty Cherokees lost more land.  So they said no more.  And they said if anybody signed one they’d be killed.  Of course people signed one.  But I think even before then we had people going off by themselves.

With one treaty they were supposed to all move to Arkansas.  Next thing ya know it’s OK.  Anyway I believe Sequoyah went to Ark & was chief over there whereas for a while my very great grandpa stayed in TN & was chief there.  Then after the Trail of Tears he lived in Tahlequah OK.

Once the east coast hooked back up with the west coast a few treaty signers were killed.  So several of especially their kin took off for TX.  Sequoyah thought the only way to fix things was to forgive the past & move on so he went after them.

While in TX he died & the party that was with him evidently wasn’t enough to take him back home at the time so they temporarily stuffed him in a cave & went after more people.  But when they got back they forgot which cave they stuffed him in.  They’ve never found him or anything that would identify any bones found as his bones.


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