Cué/Ortiz Family

I never found an obit on Dr. Cué.  His wife remembered his parents names but I didn’t catch but one of his sibs names.

I’d suggest the grandchildren in this family ask the living while they still can because first of all we’re talking about Cuba & second of all we’re talking about Spanish.  It’s going to be hard for Spanish speaking people but for me it’ll be impossible therefore I’m not going to try.  I saw your uncle Pete’s name on one of these genealogy sites showing he’s interested so I’d check with him first.

The Ortiz side of this family’s slightly easier because dad was slightly famous, mom was rich & they only had 2 kids – both of whom came here.  We have obits on both.  I’d like to know their parents burial locations (actual cemetery).  I don’t know that we can request a pic or have it fulfilled at find a grave but we can try.  And I’d like to know more about their grandparents.

I think their maternal grandparents were from Spain?  And I believe Mrs. Cué said he was an architect?  And I believe he built some type of statue in a cemetery that’s still there today.

I’d also like to add Maria’s husbands names & Pete’s first wife’s name.

Any help extending this branch would be much appreciated.


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