Henderson Family

Was anybody in this family close?  Usually as you go back you start finding someone in the family into genealogy.  But I’m not finding so much on this one.

The few trees that are posted are evidently copied from one to the next because they all say the same thing – there’s Edgar, Myrtle & their 6 known kids: Evelyn, Dorothea/Dorothy, Edgar B., Naomi June, Richard Lloyd & Paul R.  There’s info about Myrtle’s relations – but there’s none about Edgar’s.  As far as Edgar goes we don’t know his death date or burial location.

My half brother is Edgar & Myrtle’s grandson.  So he’s also interested in the Henderson side.  He should order his dad’s birth & death certificates.  One or both should list parents & possibly their birth locations.  Then you order Edgar’s birth & death certificates.  His DC should also list his burial location – the actual cemetery.

I did find an Edgar Henderson buried in Floral Haven who died in 1955.  Unfortunately his birth info isn’t posted.  So I’ve done a pic request hoping he has stone & it at least has birth year.  Also need burial location of Myrtle.  I’ve found the burial locations of 2 of the kids & I just found one today thanks to her husband’s obit.  I’m not finding obits on any of the kids or death info on Dorothea/Dorothy & Paul so they could still be alive?

Otherwise we’re guessing.  I found 2 census’ on this family.  We got Ed B. in one & Edgar in the other.  We got Dorothea & Dorothy.  We got Edgar B. (Jr) & Edgar P.  One lists Edgar Sr’s parents birth locations – OK & MO – & the other didn’t.

Then going back from here I only found one census that somewhat matches our Edgar – born about 1896 in OK – when he was a child.  Adult census says dad born in OK & mom in MO.  Child census says dad born in TN & mom in MO.  But in the year of the child census – 1910 – they were living in Coal County, OK where our Edgar’s future bride Myrtle was born & raised.  So I believe Edgar’s parents were indeed Newton & Nora Henderson.

So now…where was Newton actually born & what was Nora’s maiden name?  I’m not finding any Newton’s born around his time in OK.  So I checked TN & there was a few Newton Henderson’s born around his time in TN.  Throw his wife Nora into the search & I found a 1900 census but it’s George N(ewton) & Nora B. living in OK.  Dates are off for dad & son.  And son’s Edward H. not Edgar B.  Plus they have daughter who’s not listed in 1910 census.

I just used another son’s name to search with & found 3 more census.  “Newt” was b. in TN.  His parents were b. in TN & Indiana.  His wife Nora B. was born in MO.  Her parents were reportedly b. in MO & TX.

Next I found a son at find a grave & his obit’s been posted claiming he was the s/o Newton Henderson & Nora Bell Scrubbs & was proceeded in death by 5 brothers & 2 sisters.

Then I found parents Raymond Newton Henderson & Nora Belle Scrubbs at find a grave.  If these people had 8 kids then 3 died as children.  If the George Newton census was really for this family then they had a daughter named Ethel.  Otherwise there’s an unknown son & 2 unknown daughters.  I found Ira, Virgil & Newton Jr.  Ira & Newton Jr married sisters – Pauline & Mary Rowena or Rowena Mary Roark.

So now who were the parents of Raymond Newton Henderson?  Some of the census’ he was in said his parents were b. in TN & Indiana.  The only census w/ parents that fit is the 1880 census listing Thomas (TN) & Margaret (Indiana) as parents.  Thomas & Margaret show up again in 1910 census – in Coal County, Oklahoma.

As far as parents of Thomas & Margaret’s maiden name – I’m now stumped.  Any help on this family would be much appreciated.


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