Two William Roarks

I got my info from my aunt Vi. And she got some of her info from Allice Reynolds. We had this line somewhat figured out then a gal came out of no where & told me I had the wrong info. She had a different wife listed for him. She had different kids listed for him. And she had a different burial location listed for him. I can’t remember how much info I deleted before I realized we were talking about 2 different William Roarks.

Our William Roark either came from Ireland or NC.  While he was also a Rev. War Vet, I don’t believe he was captured & sent to Canada as a POW.  Ours started a church & was its baptist minister.  He married Sarah Dorris.  The kids shown for each are different.  I got our kids from our William’s will.

Our William died & was buried in KY.  I do have them in a cemetery where the stones of some of their descendants have been photographed.  No one’s posted stones for them so either they don’t have them or perhaps they were buried elsewhere.  Some have claimed he was possibly buried near the church he started.


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