The Miller Gang

Once I was looking through my granny’s boxes of photos & came across a newspaper clipping talking about how the Miller Gang had been murdered.  I think one was shot & when the other went to check on him he was beat to death?  I can’t remember because I was too busy checking out their rap sheets.  You know rap sheets are simply things people have been accused of – not actually convicted of – right?

I felt like the newspaper was saying, “they did indeed die, but they were bad guys so good riddance.”  I don’t believe they wasted anymore space in their paper on this story.  I’m pretty sure all I found was the one article.

I do believe this is a cold case file.  So I’m going to publish their true story in the hopes of changing that.

My great grandma Elizabeth Faulkner was 15 years old when she was impregnated by my great grandpa Claude Miller.  He tried to go on about his business but her Irish Catholic family, eh, put their foot down.  So he spent their entire lives together resenting the lot.

My granny Mildred Miller was their oldest.  Because her mom was only 15-16 when she was born she was partially raised by her Irish Catholic grandparents.  I think she only went home help clean & take care of her younger sibs.  A census from when she was 7 shows her with her parents.  Another one from when she was 17 shows her with her granny.  And she married my grandpa very shortly thereafter.

Then she had very little to do with anybody.  I met her mom maybe a couple of times?  I think I met her mom’s sister & her children?  One of her daughter’s used to be a nun.  Boy do I feel sorry for whoever had to clean out their house when they passed on.  Boxes & boxes & boxes of teaching supplies & papers…it would’ve been easier to burn it to the ground.  I met one great uncle & he almost shot me while cleaning out his rifle.  I met one great aunt & I’m pretty sure I heard her mumble something about me being a mean child.  How would she know?  We moved off when I was 4.  If I saw a kid so mean before the age of 5 that would’ve triggered an alarm & I’d have some questions.

So I stumble across this article & I’m like “who the hell’s the Miller Gang?”  They were 2 of my granny’s brothers…yeah not so much a gang.  They didn’t start off so bad – but then they too had Irish Catholic relatives.

One of the brothers married a gal & was working as a traveling salesman.  While he was out she wrote hot checks.  When he came back he went to prison for it.  And while he was in there she got a divorce & probably took him for whatever they had.  Upon release he’s got a record.  And now every time something happens they’re eyeballing him.

I guess he was one of these that figured if he was going to get accused of it anyway might as well’s do it.  So he became an “outlaw”.  But I don’t believe either brother ever killed anybody.  And if they had it would’ve been in self defense w/ another outlaw – not an innocent victim.  I don’t believe they deserved to be murdered.  And I don’t believe they deserved their murder becoming actually a frozen case file.

I’m sure whoever murdered them has to be dead.  But I’d still like to know who done it & mark this case solved.  If you have any info you should call somebody.  Not 911 cuz they’d probably get mad – the none emergency #. 😉


One thought on “The Miller Gang

  1. I am a part of the Miller family! I was trying to do some research on my family when i stumbled across this site. As i read, i found that every person you have listed in the Miller family is in my family’s records.I would love to exchange email’s with you, i have some old family pics and i am hoping to find someone with other pics and information who would be willing to write me and share what information you have.

    eagerly awaiting a response,

    Leeandra Drury- Forey

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