LaForce Cemetery – Missouri

I requested a pic of this grave:  A very nice gal named Nancy fulfilled the request but she didn’t stop there.  While visiting her historical society she asked about him.  So far she’s sent me 2 articles done on him…complete with pics (in the articles).

It seems the La Grange school was started by Samuel on his land.  And if it ever stops being used for educational purposes it’s supposed to revert to his family.

Then Ms. Nancy found out there’s a La Force cemetery not far from La Grange school.  She said it was on private property.

While trying to add this cemetery to Find a Grave I learned somebody else already has:  The one who started it is Big John.

Big John & Nancy both have since visited the cemetery & not only taken pics but cleaned the place up as best they could.  This cemetery was very neglected as you can tell by this pic:

Thank goodness people like them exist.  We may have never realized this cemetery was even there.  Not only do we know it exists – we know who many of the people are within it. 🙂


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