The Douglas Register

The Douglas Register holds quite a bit of info for us.

They say there’s mention of Rene LaForce book 1 page 37 year 1728 & Sarah LaForce book 7 page 143 year 1757 but we don’t get to see any of this.

As far as Rene II & Agnes Mosby the children before Robert are assumptions.  They’re not listed in the Douglas Register as children of Rene & Agnes.  But some are listed as marrying &/or having children of their own.  They’re also not noted on the list of captured & held as POW’s ’til after the Rev. war.

Also the marriage date many people have for Rene & Agnes is incorrect.  If you read about that book a bit they say in some cases the marriage date is unknown so in that case they’ll list the oldest noted child’s birth date as marriage date.  And their oldest noted child was Robert – born 8/27/1756…the date many people have for Rene & Agnes’ marriage date.

Robert, Ann, Agnes, Judith & Mount Mouncier are the only children listed in the Douglas Register.  But the list of captured mentioned “a son” William Bailey LaForce.

Robert Burton & Judith LaForce’s marriage date is listed.  Some children are listed as well.  Specifically Sarah, Priscilla, Jean/Jane & Lucy.

Then reported children of Rene & Agnes marry & have some children.  Zulina marries Robert Cawthon (sp?).  Trephenah (sp?) marries Peter Farrar (of Farrar’s Island fame).

Children of Robert & Zulina listed: Keturah & Richard.

That’s all this book holds for us.


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