George W. Hogan

Elected the first sheriff of Delaware county, in 1907, was born October 7, 1858, in Georgia, & moved to Arkansas in 1873, thence in 1883 to Oklahoma, which has since been his residence.  He was a farmer & also a vocal music teacher before his election to office.  He was educated in the Georgia public schools.  His father was born in North Carolina, was a farmer, & died during the war, being a private in the Confederate army.  The mother, born in Tennessee, now lives in New Mexico.

Mr. Hogan had two brothers, William, born in 1859, died in 1902, & Thomas, born in 1860.  He is a man of considerable importance in the city, the owner of considerable property, & has the confidence & esteem of the entire community.  Mr. Hogan married, March 1, 1883, Ellen, daughter of Martin & Mary (LeForce) Tygert, born in Arkansas in 1861.  Her father, a farmer & a member of the Arkansas Legislature, now lives in Benton county, Arkansas.  Mr. & Mrs. Hogan became the parents of the following children: Norman, born December 25,1883, & Lloyd, born in November, 1894, both deceased; Ninia; Cleveland, born March 23, 1888; Thomas V.; Mack, born in 1896; & Ellen, born September 18, 1901.  Cleveland married Arlie Day & Ninia married Lena Brewster.


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