Will of Rene LaForce I

In the Name of God Amen.  I René LaForce of the parish of St. James & county of Goochland county, being of sound mind & perfect memory (thanks be to Mighty God) do make this my last will & testament in manor following.  Imprimis knowing that one day I must certainly? die ***** for worry? from Mighty God through the merits of Jesus Christ my Savior.  I leave the manner of my funeral to the discretion of my executors? hereafter named & as ***** my worldly affairs I dispose thereof as followeth:

I give & devise all my lands to my son René LaForce & his heirs forever.  I give unto my loving wife Sarah LaForce one Negro man named Cezar with one fourth part of my household goods stocks of cattle, hogs, horses & mares ***** fourth part is to be allotted her by my Executors.  I give all the rest of my Negroes with their increase unto my three children: René, Sarah & Rachel LaForce to be divided among them when they reach of age or marry & my will is that my said Negroes shall be worked on my plantation & the profit arising from the said plantation & their labor be for the maintenance & ***** of my said children & I order the remaining part of my household goods, after my wife has got her part out, to be sold by *****, reserving only ***** things as shall be necessary for ***** Negroes & Overseer, & the money arising thereby I give to be equally divided among my aforesaid three children as they come of age or marry & I likewise give my said children all my stocks of cattle, hogs, horses & mares to be divided among them as they come of age or are married which division I desire my Executors to make among my said children René, Sarah & Rachel LaForce of my said Negroes & their increase the money arising by the sale of my household goods & my stocks? of cattle, hogs, horses & mares ***** division so made shall be ***** a right division whether in reality it be so or not, & I do constitute & appoint my friends Thomas Randolph, ***** ***** & Richard Randolph Executors of this my last will & testament & I do appoint them guardians of my said three children until they come of age & my will is that no part of my estate be inventoried or appraised.  And I do hereby revoke all other wills by ***** heretofore made.  In witness whereof I have ***** set my hand & seal this 16th day of August 1728.

René LaForce

Witnesses were C. Chastain, Thomas Farrar & Kathe Farrar who marked with an X.


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