I doubt there’s any such thing as a perfect tree.  Still…I’d like to try for it.

I just read several pages about Frederick Stump.  First of all…they don’t mention the name Hans.  They don’t say he was of German descent.  They say he was a German who killed at least 16 people & probably more.  They say he lived on the Pennsylvania border.  The only reason we know where is because he killed several Indians & was arrested.

He fled to Georgia.  He was in the Revolutionary War.  He killed some British soldiers.  He was arrested again.  And he was sent to St. Augustine Florida.  He bribed his jailer & was released.  He went back to Georgia to realize the British had trashed his property, confiscated his house & had a reward posted for him – wanted dead or alive.

He fled to Davidson County TN where he finished out his life.  He lived on White’s Creek.  There are pics of his log cabin home & also his Tavern & Inn.

In “Leeper-Drake Kith & Kin”, they say Frederick Stump was granted 640 acres of land in Davidson County lying on White’s Creek.

Then they go on to discuss his will.  His executors discuss dividing his estate between the families of two sons – John & Christopher
Stump.  They also mention Barbara – not Barbary – stating she’ll get 2 slaves.  Also mentioned are Catherine Stump (his widow), Rachel Stump, Thomas Jefferson Stump, John F. Stump, Phil Stump & Tennessee Stump.

It says he first married Ann Snavely.  He married secondly Catherine Gingery when he was 93 & she was about 25.  It says his children (with Ann) were Jacob, Barbara, John, a daughter (Anna) who married Jonathan Gais, Christopher & Frederick Stump Jr…who they claimed was killed by Indians when actually he was killed by America’s first serial killers – the Harpe/Harp brothers (who were actually cousins).

They say Frederick Sr, Jacob & their in-law Jonathan Gais were out hunting Indians & Jacob, while he killed 2 of them, was also killed by them.

It says Christopher was the Captain of Troop #4 – Tennessee Calvary – in the Natchez Expedition.  It says he was an Alderman in Nashville in
1818.  It says he married twice – first to Sarah Brooks then to Rachel Shute.  And it says Christopher & Sarah were the parents of Thomas Jefferson Stump.   It says there may have been other children but no record has been found.

Then it goes on to talk about Thomas Jefferson Stump.  In 1849, during the Gold Rush, he took off with 2 of his sons for California.

Then it gets really confusing.  It says TJ loved to write poems & we know of one thanks to his sister Julia McNish.  It says he married Melinda Tennessee Marshall & had the following children: Frederick C. Stump, George W. Stump, Thomas Jefferson Stump Jr., Julia Ann Stump (who married a McNish), John T. Stump, Melinda Tennessee Stump, Albert Henry Stump & William Harvey Stump.  So either they meant to say his daughter.  Or it wasn’t TJ Sr who was the writer – it was TJ Jr.

Some say Frederick & Ann Snavely had 2 more kids – Sarah Alice & Jonathan Alton.  I’d just like to see some documentation.

Some say Frederick was the s/o of Christopher Stump & the founder of Stumpstown/Fredericksburg in Lebanon County, PA.  Others say this is a case of mistaken identity.  He didn’t get arrested for killing Indians in Stumpstown/Fredericksburg.  So again…where’s the documentation?


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