Rene and Sarah

It’s rumored Rene LaForce I was born at the Chateau de Castelnaud.  That was a de Caumont de la Force property & they were dukes, marshals & peers of France.  They kept birth & baptismal records at their local churches.  Even if the church still exists I’m sure they’ve moved their records elsewhere.  We would have to find that place & dig.  Even then who knows if we’ll find anything under this name.

It’s rumored he was a doctor.  But we don’t know where he was educated or what kind of doctor he was – human or animal.

No telling where he went first.  No telling if he left a wife & kids there.  No telling when he left.  We can’t find him on any ship lists so no telling when he got here.  And no telling where he showed up first.

It’s rumored he & his fellow Huguenots bought land site unseen & once they got here they didn’t like it.  Rather then exchange it for something else William Byrd II made them by new land.  It’s rumored Rene thought him a thief & when invited to dine with Byrd he refused.  This reportedly upset Byrd so bad he wrote about it in his secret diary but I have yet to see this entry.

We have no idea what happened to this first land.  Was it sold to someone else & the Huguenots reimbursed?  Was it sold to someone else & the Huguenots not reimbursed (ripped off again)?  Was it inherited by one of the kids or grandkids?  Or is it just sitting there – still belonging to the LaForce/LeForce/LeFors family?

In my aunt’s book & also around the net you hear of George Washington fighting a Rene LaForce in the French & Indian War.  I just don’t see how it could be the same Rene LaForce.

As far as his name – we have Renald Rene LaForce plastered all over the net.  But any docs he signed & his will simply list Rene.

We know he was one of the founders of Manakin Town VA because their site says so.  We know he was important because again – he was a witness on a few docs.  Once Goochland County was formed he was one of their first Justices of the Peace.  We know he was friends with the Randolphs (Thomas Jefferson’s kinfolk) because they were not only executors of his estate – they were guardians of his minor children.  And we know his children were not only minors when he died – one (Judith) hadn’t even been born yet.

All we know about Sarah is she married Rene, had 4 kids & died.  Any documentation noting her maiden name & their marriage date is gone.  So now we’re down to locating one of her parents’ wills & hoping they mention their daughter Sarah & her husband Rene LaForce.  That is…if she came here with her parents & her parents died here.

The rumor is there was a family bible.  It may answer some of these questions.  If you’re related to this family please go through your attics, garages & storage buildings.  If you ever find this bible please join our family group & let us know. 🙂


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