Phineas Cox

Acc’d to this site:

Phineas COX enlisted as a Private on 05 March 1779, Henry County, Virginia, United States Army, served under Lt. Commander Rogers Clark, Col. John Montgomery, Cap. James Shelley, Lt. Richard Brashin and Ensign Jarrett Williams at O Post, on the great Wabash River until June 1780 and Illinois Town from June 1780 until the 1st of July 1779, when he again volunteered and went up the Mississippi to the mouth of Illinois River and up that river to a French village where they left the boats and with pack horses went to Fever River against the Indians, who had fled by the time they arrived. For part of this time they were compelled to subsist on a dead horse for lack of provisions. He was promised one dollar a day for 90 days for guarding pack horses at O Post, but never received a cent for that nor for any of his services during the Revolution. Phineas received his discharge from Col. Montgomery at what is now called St. Louis in August or September 1780.Immediately after the end of the Revolutionary War he moved to Davidson County Tennessee where he married Barbara Stump about 1783, moving to Warren County, Kentucky by 1786. Phineas Cox applied for his pension 24 June 1833 at Warren County, Kentucky and received $53.33 annually beginning 28 January 1834 for a total of $159.99, citing his age as 69 years and his birth date as recorded in his father’s family bible as 10 October 1764, Halifax
County, Virginia. Phineas Cox died on 18 May 1842 at Warren County, Kentucky and Barbara Stump Cox applied for a widow’s pension on 27 November 1843, citing her age as 80 years, she and Phineas’ eldest son being 59 years of age, and them being the parents of 12 children. Barbara Stump Cox was awarded $53.33 per annum to begin 04 March 1848 and she died 07 September 1856 also at Warren County, Kentucky. [Pension Application]


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