LaForce Cemeteries of Virginia

I’ve been searching for Rene, Sarah & Rachel’s graves in Virginia.  They’re either located on the land their plantation sat on or in a nearby churchyard cemetery.  I have been unsuccessful so far.

Rene & Sarah had Rene, Sarah, Rachel & Judith.  Since no one’s come forward claiming to come from Rachel we can only assume she died fairly young, unmarried & childless.   Sarah married William Harding & they stuck around VA.  They had 4 sons & since no one’s come forward claiming to come from their son Rene we can only assume, just like with Rachel, he died fairly young, unmarried & childless.  Just like Rene, Sarah & Judith – William, Sarah & Rene must be around there somewhere.  I simply haven’t found them…yet.  William & Sarah’s other 3 sons moved off – one to NC & two to TN.

Judith’s first husband, Robert Burton, & some of their kids may be buried around VA.   But Judith & her second husband, Samuel Paul, moved off.

Rene Jr & his wife Agnes Moseby/Mosby moved off.  But not all of their kids did.  This is how we have LaForce cemeteries around VA.

Louise’s uncle, Leonard LaForce, has been kind enough to tell me about some of these cemeteries.

So far there’s 4 LaForce cemeteries in VA.





First of all let’s discuss #4.  In a book it’s called LeForce Cemetery.  This is in error.  There are at least one or two stones in the cemetery with LeForce on them…but this is also in error.  There’s a couple more with LaForce on them…& this is how it should be.  So it should’ve been called LaForce Cemetery.  In reality it’s called Peters Cemetery.

I’m in the process of having William Peters Cemetery switched to Peters Cemetery (to match the name on the gate).  And I’m trying to have LaForce Family Cemetery linked to it.

Our name didn’t switch to LeForce or LeFors ’til after the move to KY.  So if you find any LeForce or LeFors stones in VA they’re in error or they belong to a recent generation who moved back there.

As far as the other 3 LaForce Cemeteries…I’d like directions on where to find them (so I can post it on the cemeteries).  I’d like to get pics of the sign over the gate to prove they were LaForce Cemeteries.  And I’d like to get pics of every stone in them so we can record who all is buried there.

Cousin Leonard claims there’s another LaForce Family Cemetery I haven’t added to find a grave yet.  I’d like more info before I do.  Like a pic of the sign over the gate & directions.

Cousin Leonard has also discussed the Baldwin/Lane Family Cemetery.  He claims 2 of our LaForce infants were buried there.  He claims the
land used to belong to the Baldwin/Lane family but it belonged to Eb LaForce by the time the infants were buried there.  I can’t find the Baldwin/Lane Family cemetery – at find a grave or even online.  And I had no record of Eb LaForce.

These are the infants:


Cousin Leonard just emailed me again.  He said one of those 3 cemeteries wasn’t actually a “cemetery”.  He said it was the John Letcher LaForce family farm & around 4-5 people are buried there in the pasture.

Rather then Eb LaForce it should’ve been Samuel “Eb” Jay Elbert LaForce…Leonard’s father.  This is the family farm he grew up on.  And this is
where the Baldwin-Lane Family Cemetery is.

He also mentioned a McLure Cemetery that has some LaForce’s in it.

He said some relatives were going today to get pics.  I hope they get one of the 2 farms & also the McLure Cemetery.  And if there’s a 5th LaForce Cemetery…I hope they get pics of it as well.

The other 2 are in Dickenson County & Carbo, Russell County, VA.  If anybody lives in these areas please get more info & pics of these


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