Goochland Historical Society

I sent an email asking q’s.  This was the reply:

We’d be happy to help with your family research. Our Society has a great deal of information on families in the county and the French Huguenot settlers.  Please visit our website at There, you will find a research request form. Fill in the required information and let us know your specific questions. Mail it to us with the small fee, and our volunteers can get started.

Thanks so much for your interest in the Goochland County Historical Society.

Research Assistant


2 thoughts on “Goochland Historical Society

  1. Are you a LaForce? I can’t find you in our tree. Have you joined our FB family group?

    Otherwise – with the tree – we are all just as knowledgeable. We’re researching Rene LaForce I & his wife Sarah Unknown. Birth & death dates are estimated. In his case – place of birth was France. In her case – place of birth is Unknown. In both cases – place of death was Goochland County, VA. We don’t know marriage place/date. We don’t know either one’s parents. Their children were Rene II, Sarah (Harding), Rachel & Judith (Burton) (Paul).

    As far as specific questions we’d like all these unknowns known. We already have copies of their wills. I’d like to know exactly where they lived (would love to have pics of their land). And I’d like to know where they’re buried.

    As for page 2 I wouldn’t know what to fill in. But you have to send completed form & check to them. If you do this & they reply please share any info in our FB family group. Thanks. 🙂

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