Fajita Nachos

I bought up 2 small packages of chicken tenders. I brought them home…cut them up even smaller…& set them in Claude’s Fajita Marinating Sauce for a while. Be sure to shake the bottle before using the Marinating Sauce.

I chopped up 1 bell pepper & 1 onion to cook the chicken with in a frying pan.  Make sure the frying pan is hot…add just a touch of grease…throw everything (pepper/onion/chicken) & cook ’til done.

Meanwhile on the side I made up some Spanish rice & also heated up some refried beans.

Also on the side I took a package of Velveeta cheese, cut it up into cubes small enough to cook quicker, & added a can of Rotel Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies, undrained. Melt on very low heat to keep from burning the cheese.

I got some Tostitos Restaurant Style white corn chips. Put some chips on a plate, add a little of the chicken mix, add a little beans & rice, pour cheese over the top, & you can also include sour cream or salsa if you’d like. This fed 4 people ’til they were screaming “too full” & could’ve fed more.


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