A Lost LeFors

Earlier this week I was contacted by the Prairie Grove Police Dept. in Ark.  They’ve had a headstone in their possession so long they can’t remember how they got it.  I think they were willing to send it to me but what would I do with a tombstone?

So I’ve spent the week looking for a grave in Arkansas when I’m currently stuck in TX.  At least I learned a lot.

Some people claim Whitfield Collins LeFors was a capt. but everything I’m coming across says he was a 1st or maybe 2nd Lieut.  But he was at least Benton County’s sheriff.  His son E. O. married James Berry’s daughter.  And James Berry’s sister married Sam Peel.

All 3 of these important people were buried in the IOOF/Odd Fellows.  But now that cemetery’s been merged with Bentonville.  There is no map.  I could’ve sworn I saw what looks like a base in a picture.  If it is a base & the base matches they’re going to put Richard LeFors’ stone there.  Otherwise they’re going to leave it near his family…his granny, his parents & at least one sib.

I’d like to know what happens.  And map or no map I’d still like to find some kind of proof he’s there & I’d also like to find some of his other sibs.  We’ll see.  And I’ll report. 🙂


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