Uncle Sam’s House

Sam LeForce's House - Pic Courtesy Kathleen Palmer

Sam LeForce’s House – Pic Courtesy Kathleen Palmer

I don’t know if this is where Sam & Sallie held their once famous yearly Christmas parties.  I’ve heard they may have had farms & then also homes in the town of Vinita.  Well acc’d to cousin Kathleen this was Sam & Sallie’s house in the town of Vinita.

Can anybody tell us what the kitchen looks like?  How many beds/baths?  Could you come out of the 2nd floor onto any kind of sun-deck?  Also does that chimney run through a bedroom on the way up to the roof?  It looks like it could supply the living room & a master bed with heat.  Finally…is there a 3rd floor or is that just an attic with some really nice windows?

Thanks, cousin Kathleen, for sharing the pic with us. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Uncle Sam’s House

  1. I have just returned from Vinita. My mother can remember going in Uncle Sams house, so I asked her your questions. Yes, this is where he had those big yearly Christmas parties.. He gave every one that came to the party a sack with an apple, orange and Christmas candy in it.
    The house had a basement, first floor, second floor and an attic. When you walked in the front door the living room was on the left. It had a fireplace in it. The fancy parlor was on the right. Then the dining room with a big table, chairs, and chandalier in the middle. Then in the back was a large kitchen. The stove was on the south wall, table in the middle, cabinets on the north wall. A small room in the very back, maybe for the maids!
    The fireplace went up to the second floor to Uncle Sams room, and threw the attic. There were four bedrooms on the second floor. A bathroom on the first floor and one on the second floor. The second floor had a small deck, but not one you could walk out on. He hung big wooden pictures of toys on the railing of the house. My mother has those wooden toys.

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