Trail of Tears

This was mainly one guy…Andrew Jackson…stealing at least 4-5 states (NC, SC, TN & GA plus I think KY too) from the Cherokee Nation & forcing them to move to OK.  And even though a lot of them were only partial Cherokees & even the full bloods were civilized it didn’t matter.

First they were rounded up & shoved into something like concentration camps.  Many died therefore before they ever started the march.  They weren’t allowed to take much with them.  Then they got started about winter time so if diseases didn’t get them freezing to death did.  They were forced to leave their dead…& naturally their cemeteries were neglected by the people who stole their lands.  They lost some on the way & were forced to bury them here & there along the trail.  So that if they actually survived the journey & reached their destination they died of heartbreak after they got there.  And that’s why it’s called the Trail of Tears.

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