The LeForce’s

The LeForce's - Pic Courtesy Kathleen Palmer

The LeForce's - Pic Courtesy Kathleen Palmer

Even til just a month or two ago I didn’t think we had LeForce’s before Renald Rene V.  But actually one of Mount Moncier’s kids went by LeForce…at least that’s what his headstone says:

Elijah LeForce Headstone - Pic Courtesy Kim WV

Elijah LeForce Headstone - Pic Courtesy Kim WV

Otherwise since most if not all of the kids went by LeForce I think Rene V changed his rather then all of them deciding to do this group change.

I’ve come across a few biographies.  Most La Force’s were under the impression their grandpa or great grandpa was the first one here.  I think it’s the same in the case of John Bradley LeForce.  I think he thought his dad was a 2nd generation Frenchman when actually he was a 5th.

John B. was born in either KY or TN.  From there I believe he went to either Illinois or Indiana where he left his family while he fought in the Civil War.  After the war I think they decided to go to OK.  But for some reason they stopped off in MO (where Rene V supposedly died & was buried) & I believe KS too on the way to OK.

Otherwise John B. don’t mention his mom or his sibs.  As for his wife they say her father was Elijah Blankenship but I think her mom was Eliza & her dad something else entirely.

We think they had 8 kids.  We know they lost at least one…Jeanne…we’re just not sure where she’s buried along this trail between KY or TN & OK.  Their other 7 children all lived in OK…at least at some point.  Actually at least 4 are buried right next to them.  My great grandpa was buried not far away.  I think at least one of their 3 living daughters moved off.

3 of their 4 sons married & all 3 married partial Cherokee Indian women.  2 brothers married 2 sisters (Keys/Riley) & my great grandpa married a Chamberlin/Chamberlain (Hoyt/Lowrey/Benge).  At one time all these names were well known around OK & within the Cherokee Nation.

3 of their sons were farmers/cattlemen.  I think James also did some real estate on the side.  My great grandpa Clarence was a farmer & I heard he owned a couple of businesses in Centralia.  I think one was a restaurant & the other one was rooms over the restaurant he rented out to people.  Then the other great grandpa, Samuel Cox, was the Town Marshall of Centralia.  Now Centralia’s a ghost town.

Only 2 of the 4 boys had kids.  In all the biographies you read about James or his wife Fannie Keys LeForce…they never mention their son John A. LeForce.  They mention their daughter Rachel who died at the age of 12.  But they never mention him.  Yet there’s this:

John LeForce Obit - Courtesy Julie Whitehead

John LeForce Obit - Courtesy Julie Whitehead

Mrs. Arthur Ingraham would be Sarah Lottie & Mrs. Edwin Wollett would be Flossie Mae.

My great grandpa also had 6 kids & also lost a daughter.  Then he lost his wife so I’ve heard the last 4 were raised by relatives.  Indeed…James LeForce’s obit says he’s survived by a Ms. Dixie LeForce.  But she was my great grandpa’s youngest (weeks old when her mom died).  And she’s the only one of the 6 I can’t find…found her husband though.

My grandpa had 12 kids…10 born in Centralia & 2 born in Vinita…& didn’t lose a single one.  Neither have I (so far).  Of course all but one was buried right next to their parents.  It makes it a lil rougher to lose them.

If you’re from this branch I have find a grave memorials for most of them.  If I haven’t figured out where some are buried please help me get them in the right cemetery.  If I haven’t created a memorial…please do so & link it in with the rest of our group.  Otherwise posting flowers & notes is free so please do so. 🙂


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