Frederick Stump Tavern

Acc’d to this book:

The Frederick Stump Tavern dates to around 1785.  It is a two-story, double crib house with central hall & a rear “L”, or wing.  It is probably the oldest surviving house in Davidson County.  Frederick Stump was born in 1723 in eastern Pennsylvania.  He was an Indian fighter, & after killing a whole party of Indians & being jailed for it, he was freed from prison by other frontiersmen & fled with his family to Georgia.  He fought in the Revolutionary War alongside Francis Marion.  In 1779, he was captured & imprisoned by the British in Florida, but he bribed his jailer & returned to Georgia.  there he found a reward on his head, so he moved to the Cumberland Country.  He settled north of the river, on White’s Creek, on Christmas 1779.  In 1782 he built a gristmill, & shortly after that two log houses.  The larger of the two he used as an inn.  Living to the age of ninety-seven, in 1822, he was one of the wealthiest men in the area.  The inn has been a residence since about 1846.


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