Grandpa & Grandma’s House

I remember visiting this house (I think) once.   And I don’t even remember the house.  I only remember the piano inside the house.  So I’ve been into music for many many years.

The last time I saw my dad he took me to this house (I think).  Dad made it seem like the whole road going into the town of Centralia was once LeForce Land.  First there was great uncle John D.’s farm (no longer there).  Then there was grandpa & grandma’s (could still be there but we’re not allowed near it).  Next to them was grandma’s sister & for a while even their dad great grandpa Cox (something there but I don’t think it’s the original).  And across the street was great grandpa LeForce (splinters of wood that might’ve been theirs).

Where was James, Sam & Ras?   Actually…does anybody know where JB & Amanda lived?  I’d be glad to see a splinter of wood that might’ve been theirs.

I realize it takes time to have 12 kids & there’s some space in between them.  But what did they do for the holidays?  I wonder if any of them went to the parties Sam & Sally used to throw?  Or did the kids come over to visit?  Or did everybody meet at a different kid’s house each year?

If you have anything…memories or pics…please do share. 🙂


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