The Village & Château of Caumont

According to this site, the lords of Caumont carried the titles Sires, Lords, Barons, & Marquis de Caumont until 1637 when duc de la Force was added. Their origin was unknown & is forever lost in time. It’s also not known if they gave their name to their land or their land gave their name to them. But about the 10th Century they were very powerful therefore became known.

A monk who died in 1008 said that during the siege of Toulouse by the Normans in 855, the city was defended by the Lords of Caumont.

In the Middle Ages, there were 3 branches of Lords of Caumont:

– The Lords of Caumont, senior branch
– The Lords of Lauzun
– The Lords of Ste Bazeille

To learn more about the Château visit this site: Château de Caumont.

Map of Caumont

Village of Caumont

Château de Caumont

Château de Caumont


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