The Battle at Horseshoe Bend

Although having nothing to do with the British or Canadians, the battle is considered part of the War of 1812. The Creek War was largely a civil war between the Creeks. Andrew Jackson used this opportunity & sought to “clear” Alabama for American settlement. He was in command of an army of West Tennessee militia & John Coffee was in charge of the Cherokees/some Creeks & the calvary.

The (Red Stick) Creeks were strongly barricaded & holding their own against frontal attacks. So a detachment of Cherokees came up on the other side of the river. Pvt Charles Reese swam across & towed a canoe to his associates. The canoe load of warriors cross the stream & each one got a canoe. Then the Cherokees landed in the back part of the bend…attacking the Creeks from the rear. They nearly annihilated the Creeks/won.

Reese’s family received a silver mounted rifle as acknowledgment for his actions 3 years after his death.

A few years later…the Cherokees themselves were forced to leave their homes & move to OK.

Our ancestor John Lowrey is listed here on the Cherokee Muster Roll: but not his brother George Lowrey Jr.


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