Ha ha ha…you thought I was going to be talking about heavenly miracles. Nope…I’m talking about the Miracle Family. All La Force’s (related to RRI) are related to them a few times over.

One of Rene Jr’s daughters Ann married a McGeorge. Their daughter Nancy married a Green or Greene. Their daughter Nancy married a Hoskins. Their son William married a Miracle. Their son James married another Miracle. James’ wife Lucinda was the daughter of Ambrose Miracle & Letha Eads.

While figuring all this out I noticed first of all I believe more people buried their dead in their own back yard then they did down at the churchyard. But also evidently La Force, McGeorge, Green, Hoskins, Miracle, Saylor, Taylor, Hurst & Eads were some of the few people in KY. Cuz they just kept marrying each other, reproducing & creating another cemetery. There are several Green, Hoskins, Miracle, Taylor & Hurst cemeteries.

I added a whole bunch of people to Find A Grave. And I just ran into a Miracle who got a whole bunch of pics of ’em. Together we were able to dot a few more I’s & cross a few more T’s. What a miracle (he he he).

Hey we get ours too. I’ve heard “La Force be with you” about a billion gazillion times. Will people ever forget that movie? Probably not.

These cousins are welcome here too. Maybe together we can figure out where a La Force cemetery is. You all got like 8 or 9…I’d be happy to stumble across even one. 🙂


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