Huguenot Soldiers of William of Orange & the Glorious Revolution of 1688

Huguenot Soldiers of William of Orange & the Glorious Revolution of 1688
The Lions of Judah
by Mathew Glozier

I’m including this here cuz I think through this we can find the connection from de Caumont de la Force to Renald Rene LaForce I.

This book states before 1685 our family governed Guyenne, Saitonge, Piotou, & Périgueux.

Jacques-Nompar de Caumont, Marshal & duc de la Force had been Gov. of Bearn & Viceroy of Basse-Navarre between 1593-1621. Made a Peer & Marshal of France in 1637. Some say he was involved in duc de Rohan’s rebellion of 1620…which was the last great action of the Wars of Religion in France. Son quit kingdom & entered Dutch service. Therefore 10/1628 father was accused of treason.

His grandson Jacques Nompar de Caumont duc de la Force was called “suel grand seigneur Huguenot de France”. He was arrested 4/22/1685 & in prison for 2 years. While in prison he fell ill & abjured. His wife refused to abjure so he was imprisoned again at Bastille in 7/14/1689. His wife Duchesse de la Force escaped to England. Their only living son was stuck behind in France so he converted to Catholicism. All 4 daughters were interred into convents.

HOWEVER…by the late 1680’s members of this family held important military commands in France, Britain, & the Dutch Republic.

Kinsman Pierre Nompar de Caumont marquis de Cagnat…son of Anne de Caumont marquis de Castelnaud…ejoyed long association with England following his marriage in 1652 to eldest daughter of Sir Theodosius Tarquet de Mayerne (who was the doctor of Prince Henry of Whales who died in 1612).

This kinsman lured another kinsman to England. His name was Armand Nompar de Caumont marquis de Monpouillon (who was born in Guyenne in 1615). He was the son of Henri Nompar de Caumont & Margaret Descondoba de Boisse. Once in England…in 1659…he married Adrianas who was the second daughter of Sir Theodosius Tarquet de Mayerne. In 1661 he became an Englishman. He served in army of Dutch Republic. In 1672 given the command of his own regiment of dragoons. Promoted to major-general in 1673. Promoted to lieutenant-general in 1675.

2 other descendants of the Marshal de la Force established themselves in the French Army…Armand Nompar de Caumont marquis de Madurin & Henri Nompar de Caumont marquis de Rade. After 1685 both fled France & entered into the Dutch Army. Marquis de Madurin became a calvary officer in either Blue or Red Dragoons of William of Orange (commissioned 1/11/1689). Later succeeded kinsman Monpouillon as colonel of the La Force regiment when it served in Flanders in 1697. Killed in Flanders @ Battle of Hoei on 5/11/1702.

Henri Nompar de Caumont marquis de Rade took captains commission in Anglo-Dutch Brigade (commissioned 10/5/1688). He replaced Capt. Joseph Stutt in one of the 3 English Regiments of the Brigade.

Members of the La Force family represent highest social level present in the French refugee communities in Britain & the Netherlands following the revocation of the Edict of Nantes.


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