First Depositor – First National Bank

In the Indian Pioneer Papers VII you can find:

First Depositer:

Sam LeForce, of the firm of LeForce Brothers Ranch, heard about the bank & saddled his cow pony & came galloping up to the bank corner & hitched his horse, came in & said, “Understand you fellows are going to start a bank”. “That’s right” was the answer, “She’s open this morning”. “Then I’ve come to be your first depositer”, he said. It was then the First National Bank of Vinita was born. He is still a customer & has been through the 45 years of our existence. Other original & surviving customers include: Dr. Liver Bagby, Ed Shanahan, Lee Barrett, E. F. LeForce, Mrs. Eliza Strout, Harry J. Campbell, J. M. Darrough, ?? Cox, W. M. Simms & W. H. Kornegay, all of Vinita, Phil Horton of BlueJacket, John Franklin & R. W. Costley of Estella, W. A. Graham of Pryor & George Harlan of White Oak.


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