Centralia OK

John Bradley & his wife Amanda Rachel Blankenship LeForce moved to OK & settled in Craig County with 8 children including: James, Mary, Clara, Erastus (Ras), John (Sam), Sarah, Clarence, & Jeannie. Actually I think Jeannie died & was buried before they ever showed up in OK because I couldn’t find her in the Centralia or Vinita Cemeteries along with the rest of these people.

The LeForce children flip flopped between these two towns…Centralia & Vinita. Well…most of them anyway. Of the 4 boys – James, Ras & Sam were the cattle ranchers whereas my great-grandpa was a farmer plus owned a business or two in the town of Centralia, OK. I also think James, Ras & Sam stuck more with Vinita & were buried there as were John & Amanda whereas my great-grandpa stuck with Centralia & was buried there.

Since these folks helped start these towns they were written about. There’s several “pioneer stories” & they’ll be posted around here somewhere. My great-grandpa stuck with Centralia & he, my great-grandma Emma Chamberlain LeForce & their children Emma & Dewdrop are buried there. Their children Ora (my grandpa) & John are buried in Vinita.

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