Belle Meade Plantation

Dr. Renald Rene LaForce I had 4 kids. One of his daughters married William Harding. John Harding is William & Sarah’s grandson. John Harding was the owner of the Belle Meade Plantation in Nashville TN.

John’s son William Giles Harding (named after his great grandpa & grandpa) eventually inherited the place. One of his daughters married a William Hicks Jackson & they lived there too. You should visit the site & read about all the people that once visited the plantation. But Jackson & his son died the same year then everything was sold off.

There used to be a Harding-Jackson Cemetery on the property. But new owners moved all of them to a local cemetery. But I believe the African American cemeteries are still there as well as the unmarked grave of Mr. Bob Green.

You should also visit the curator’s blog at because he’s got more stories & pics. I just wish I’d known all this back when I visited Nashville as I would’ve blown off Graceland & went here instead. If you’re a Harding or a Jackson then you’re a cousin so you’re welcome here too. 🙂


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